Sun Palace Casino Review
Sun Palace Casino is designed to bring in the optimism of the sun. Look at the solar type graphics and you get the gist of what it presents.
sun palace casino
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Slots Plus Casino Review
Slots Plus Casino is one of the most popular slots and video poker sites online.
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Vegas Casino Online Review
Vegas Casino Online has a great Las Vegas feel
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How To Choose a Good Casino

There are thousands of casinos online. You can join any of them at any time. They are all well tailored and look nice on the outside. But how do you know what casino has a great reputation. Which ones have poor reputations. This article will help decipher which casinos are great casinos for your hard earned money.

Using the checklist below will help you find if the casino you are looking at is a great choice.

24/7 Support

Check the emails and phone numbers. If they offer free chat help, is it working? Emailing the casino will allow to see if the casino will respond and how soon. Also calling the casino will let you know if the phone numbers are active with real people affiliated with the casino you want to play at.


There are several casinos that are licensed by various associations. States that allow gambling in the U.S. are the best choices for license evaluation. They have passed rigorous criteria that says the casino you want to play at is legitimate. Many states that fall into this criteria don't allow players from other states. There are other places such as Malta and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This is another great place to receive a gaming license from. Of course, even in the best of all worlds, casinos come and go regardless of reputations.

Message Boards

Another way of checking the reputation of a casino is message boards. Check some of the larger casino sites with acitve message boards. is one of these sites. Read what members are saying about various casinos. This will help you get the vibe of a casino. It's important to remember you don't always get the whole picture in someone's post. There maybe more than meets the eye in a post. You could be reading someone's experience but they forget to mention something that changes the whole picture making it really not applicable. One thing I see often is the bonus and how often the stringent betting requirements almost make using bonuses useless.


The top two software makers are RTG, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming. Casinos that use this software are usually better connected and more reliable than others. And the software will be the most up to date with flash technology and other software enhancements.

These are some factors that will help you decide if the casino is good or not. It's also important to note. Today's winner might be tomorrow's loser and for various a great casino might change. It does happen. But these are some factors in choosing a good, reputable casino for your hard earned money.

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