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Bonus Deuces Wild Poker

In the varieties of video poker. It started with deuces wild but also includes Bonus Deuces Wild poker. Bonus deuces wild presents another way to win. It's a great game to play when you get want something different from the standard Jacks or Better poker game or a change from any game you've play for along time if you're sitting at one machine for awhile. It's part of the wild card video poker type game. It's the same fun, but the paytable changes for different combinations so it's important to look at the paytable as you play.

The highest payout in Bonus Deuces Wild is for the Royal Flush. Four deuces with an ace for five aces is the next highest payout. If you bet max you get the max payout of 4000 times the original bet. Four deuces is the third highest payout followed by a wild card royal flush. That is a royal flush composed of wild cards and the filler cards that make up a royal flush. For example, you might get 3 deuces and king and queen of hearts. That would make a wild royal flush but if you had the ace, ten and jack of hearts, that would be a royal flush.

In general odds are very good most video poker games. You can start small and test your game. If you look at the machine, you see betting columns 1 through 5. These represent the coin value you play. For beginners, its best to choose 1 and play in that range. If you want to be a higher roller, bet five and play the games.

The first five cards are your hand. If you click each card "Hold" will appear on that card. You get a second chance to make a better hand. The cards you didn't hold are replaced with another set of cards if you elected to get new cards. This will make your final hand on which you get paid or not. You might want to keep all the first five cards. To do this simply click each card and make sure hold is across each of them. Press draw and the set of cards will remain the same. You do this if you start off with a great hand like a four of kind and can't possibly think of getting a better hand. There slight variations from Deuces wild and Bonus Deuces wild so it's important to check the paytable to make the best combination. The machine on your home computer is very similar to the machines at land based casinos.

Playing online can give you a great advantage. Namely, there are fewer distractions at home. In a casino, a waitress might ask if you want a drink while you're trying to figure out which cards to hold. A gambler might hit a jackpot and trigger the load bell sound. Or someone could scream after getting a big win. These can all throw your concentration off and you won't be playing at your most focused. Video poker is a game with great odds for players and it's important to stay focused to reap the benefits. This is the main advantage of playing at home, the ability to focus undistracted.

Bonus deuces wild poker is a great game and has all the advantages of all video poker games. With great card picking and folding, you will be sure to win or earn much money. And even if you don't win all the time, you can be sure to have hours of fun checking out the cards and getting combinations.

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