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Deuces Wild Video Poker Game

Video poker has spawned a variety of video poker games including wild card video poker. The main varieties of wild card video poker are deuces wild, jokers, bonus poker and other types of wild card video poker games. The most important variance is the paytable. It is through the paytable the payout is given. These vary from game to game in terms of video poker. If you get tired of playing on one game and want to try another it's most important to check out the paytable so you're not playing the strategy for one game on a different machine.

The history of video poker machines is interesting. Si Redd invented the first one around the time of computers in the 70's. Like the computer, they have changed and can now be played on the computer, tablet, mobile phone. Playing video poker is very easy it's just a mix and match game players can play without distraction. At a blackjack table, you might be checking out the dealer or have an audience around you talking. Video poker is just the player and the machine.

Video poker also has one of the best edges for players and it's easier to get money back and make a profit.

Jacks or Better is the most popular form of video poker. But it has spawned variations including wild card video poker games. Deuces wild video poker is one of those. The paytable varies from Jacks or Better but for a royal flush, a player still get the largest payout. In most variations, in fact, a royal flush will give you the largest payout on the machine.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Paytable

In Deuces Wild Video Poker, the 2's substitute for all other cards and have a payout for getting four and five of a kind. It can also help make a royal flush, though the payout isn't a high as a natural royal flush. There are variations of deuces wild including Royal Deuces, Triple Deuces, Bonus Deuces and Loose Deuces. The paytable is below.

Click to enlarge
Deuces Wild Video Poker Paytable
This is the main paytable for Deuces Wild Poker
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Royal Flush
The highest value of hands in most poker games.
Click to enlarge
Four of a Kind Deuces
Four of kind deuces is the second highest paying hand.
Click to enlarge
Wild Royal Flush
A wild royal flush includes the deuces and can be any combination that equals a royal flush.
Click to enlarge
Five of a Kind
This includes the 2 for a five of a kind hand.
Click to enlarge
Straight Flush
a self explanatory hand
Click to enlarge
Four of a Kind
a self explanatory hand.
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Full House
a full house is three and two of a kind.
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a flush is five of the same suit.
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a straight is a sequence of five cards
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Three of a Kind
a self explanatory hand

The difference in the paytable will influence strategy. For example, you want to hold all deuces since they substitute for all cards and can make anything from 4 deuces to a wild royal flush. Since the payoff starts at three of kind, you want to hold all pairs as well. Additional strategy for various hands are:

  • No Deuces or Pairs - discard all card unless there are cards that could equal a royal flush.
  • One Deuce - keep the Deuce and discard all others but keep cards that could become a royal flush
  • Two Deuces - hold the Deuces in hopes of a wild royal flush, four deuces or five of a kind.
  • Three Deuces - hold for a wild royal flush, four deuces or five of a kind
  • Four Deuces - count your blessings and thank God!
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